About The Healing Store (U.K.)

Welcome to The Healing Store.

We are a brand new store offering a selection of hand picked health and healing products for our visitors.

Our founder, Jane, has a particular passion and interest in all things relating to holistic healing – that is natural therapies and remedies for the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

You can check out her website Therapy Jet here to find out more about what natural healing is and how it can help you on the path towards wellbeing and happiness.

So far at The Healing Store we have sections on Home & Garden, Jewellery & Crystals, Yoga Accessories and Reflexology & Massage. As the store develops we will be adding many more products within different categories – all hand picked for their therapeutic benefits, beauty and low price.

At this point, we are only delivering to the UK but will be expanding globally as The Healing Store grows. All of the prices of our goods include delivery and tracking. Generally delivery times are upto 40 days, but goods are usually delivered well within these timescales.

When shopping online elsewhere, if you want your items delivered within a guaranteed time frame of 5 days for example, you are going to pay much more for the same products. This is how we keep our prices low.

By being honest with you and asking for your patience, we are able to cut costs massively and reflect this in our prices to you. With that in mind, we will soon be setting up a mailing list so we can keep our customers informed well in advance of special offers coming up for all events – Christmas, Easter, World Thinking Day, Friendship Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day (yes…you read right) and many, many more.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your best friend, or are looking for a little something for you…just because you’re awesome…this is the store for you. All you pay is the price you see – for UK delivery with tracking included. No hidden extras and no minimum orders.